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Each tree is different. I draw on the art of Niwaki pruning to find and bring out the characteristics of each tree, in a way that compliments their surroundings. With every act imagining what they will look like in the next growing season and years later. In Japan, we can often see windswept and bent tree trunks in the mountains, on sea sea-cliffs and in other harsh environments, as we do here in Aotearoa New Zealand. Time spent in these places inspire the finer natural details I bring into the work I do in creating and sculpting cloud trees. Many native trees such as tōtara and akeake also lend themselves to this technique.



Creative Gardening

Gardening with beautifully-composed wilderness

My name is Masa. Sato Creative Gardening specialises in the craft of pruning trees and creating personalised gardens. My work draws on the wilderness for inspiration, and is underpinned by my formal training in Niwaki, the art of pruning trees into cloud-like shapes.

Garden design

Gardens can be special places to their caretakers. I spend time with clients to understand what they are passionate about. Each visit deepens our shared understanding of what inspires them, and the characteristics of the site. This might be creating a place that reminds them of fond times in nature, and to inspire them about their next adventures; or to create a canvas they can bring their own creativity planting flowers and ground covers under large featured trees. A common theme is about creating spaces people can foster connections with over time.